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Get the best international money transfer deals, every single time.

Access multiple money transfer offers at great rates from vetted community members and currency exchange vendors, without sneaky charges.

No markups. No FX spreads. No currency manipulation.

Registered and regulated by FINTRAC #M21366886

FiatMatch remittance marketplace













We created FiatMatch because you work too hard not to get the best deals for your money.

Great Exchange Rates

Select from transparent rates provided by individuals (P2P), vendors and daily default rates.

Vetted community members

Members are screened and vetted before onboarding into the FiatMatch community

Bank-graded security

We deploy multi-layered identity verification processes and encryption protocols to secure accounts.

Swift Global Top-Ups

Easily send airtime topups, utility payments and giftcards to 130+ countries.

Seamless Money Transfers

Enjoy fast money transfers across international borders.

100% Transparency

FiatMatch gurantees end-to-end transparency by removing intermediaries and currency manipulation.

What is FiatMatch?

A money transfer marketplace...

Where the global diaspora come to access multiple currency exchange deals and send money across the world. We make international money transfers:






...where you are empowered...

Negotiate or post your own rates. Connect directly with individuals or vendors. Whichever way you choose, you’ll get the best deals for your hard-earned money. The power is in your hands.

and enjoy 100% transparency...

We eliminate the cost drivers, also known as FX intermediaries. We even out access to global currencies and never mark up exchange rates neither do we charge FX spreads. Experience democratized money transfers. This is the next generation of remittances. a fraction of the cost.

Save 85% in fees and EVERYTHING you spend on MARKUPS and FX SPREADS on remittance platforms.

How we bring you the best money transfer deals

We facilitate transactions for

We are a secure community marketplace for sending money around the world in the most transparent and affordable way possible.

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Finding the best

exchange rates ?

Getting the best rates puts more money in your hands. However, for decades now, Immigrants have had to pay whatever rate they're quoted on money transfer platforms. FiatMatch changes this by connecting you directly to multiple money transfer deals to ensure you get a fair rate and the best value for your money.

FiatMatch is a peer to peer money transfer marketplace. With FiatMatch, you can exchange currencies with vendors and people like you at a good exchange rate, saving you time and money.

Yes, you do. The account creation process on FiatMatch is straightforward and fast, it should only take a few minutes.
Yes, there is. We verify everyone who creates an account with us. This is to help keep every member of our community safe.
This is our secure online marketplace where you can explore currency exchange offers or create an offer that gets matched to people just like you who have been verified.



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The International Money Transfer Marketplace.