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3 Steps to Ace Your Canada, US and UK Scholarship Applications (+ Free Cover Letter Templates)

From researching appropriate scholarships to composing that mind-blowing cover letter, scholarship applications can be challenging and time-consuming.

However, you can excel at your application and save up to 50 per cent of the usual time.

This article reveals how to use free cover letter templates for your next application in three easy steps.


Step #1: Get the scholarship application pack.


The scholarship pack contains 70 unique scholarships in the UK, US, and Canada, and their lists of requirements.

Additionally, you’ll find scholarship cover letter templates customized for various situations.

Step #2. Choose the scholarship(s) that you are qualified for.

Having downloaded the pack, you can now sort through the different scholarships.

To access the scholarships and the general requirements, extract the Excel document from the Zip folder.

Step #3: Select a relevant cover letter template.

Now, you’ve chosen the scholarship you’re applying for. Right? 

The next step is to craft a compelling scholarship cover letter.

It’s normal to feel unsure of where to start at this moment. You might not feel inspired, and this can eat into your precious time.

However, creating your scholarship application cover letter can be less strenuous and time-consuming.

The FiatMatch cover letter templates can help you save time and help you create outstanding cover letters at the same time.

To do this, go to the Zip folder you’ve downloaded and extract the FiatMatch Scholarship Cover Letter Templates file. 

Now, to use any of the templates, you need to:

  1. Take note of the guiding points in brackets; they will help you develop a cover letter that expresses your unique circumstances.
  2. Copy the letter to another document and fill in your information or story. 

The cover letter templates cover:

  • Need-based scholarship cover letter
  • Academic excellence scholarship cover letter
  • Extracurricular activities-focused scholarship cover letter

That’s it, simply! 

By tweaking the templates and adding your unique story, you will derive an amazing cover letter for your application.


The scholarship application kit is an amazing tool to help you dazzle in your scholarship applications.

This toolkit is also apt for generating compelling cover letters for any kind of application. And you’re going to save a lot of time.

Are you ready to save time and win your next scholarship application? 

Don’t waste one more second. Get the FiatMatch free scholarship toolkit right away!

Congratulations on your scholarship application success in advance!

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